Changing recuperator filters is a fairly simple procedure. Each such device has dedicated sections. Often these sections are accessible from the outside or by opening the recuperator door. Here are the possible filter locations for the recuperator manufacturers Komfovent and Salda in Lithuania:

komfovent filter change instructions

Image snippet from Komfovent DOMEKT R user instructions

sweet filter change instructions

Excerpt from the Salda Smarty installation and installation instructions instructions

Always find the exact locations of the filters in the manufacturer's instructions. recommends that you keep the following 5 steps in mind when changing your recuperator filters:

  • Stop the device before changing filters;

  • Remove filters - Clear their sections.

  • Inspect the filter set for damage before installing it;

    Note: Do not reuse old recuperator filters. Filters are disposable and are recommended to be replaced 2-3 times a year.

  • Put filters in the sections provided:

    • M5 (ePM10) compact filter for filtration of supply and exhaust air;

    • The F7 (ePM1) compact filter is only used to filter the supply air;

    • The arrow on the filter indicates the direction of airflow, which must coincide with the direction of the arrow on the recuperator;

    recuperator filter direction

  • Depending on the recuperator, changing the filters will require a reset timer or clearing the error due to contaminated filters. This type of message depends on the recuperator manufacturer and model you purchased.

The information provided by is summarized and recommended. Always refer to the recuperator's user manual for details.