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Mitsubishi filters

Mitsubishi recuperator filters tested according to the ISO 16890 standard is proud to offer filters for Mitsubishi recuperators. Our filters are tested and meet the ISO 16890 standard, ensuring excellent compatibility and performance. Shop our unmatched Mitsubishi Filters G4 Efficiency Class Filters.

Range of filters for Mitsubishi recuperators:

  • Recuperator filters Mitsubishi : non-original, high-quality filters for all popular Mitsubishi recuperator models.
  • Filtration material G4 Mitsubishi : captures medium-sized particles, ensuring better air quality at home.
  • Mitsubishi Filters : Specific filters for Lossnay series recuperators including Lossnay LGH-100RVX, Lossnay LGH-100RX4-E, Lossnay LGH-15/25RX, Lossnay LGH-135RX, Lossnay LGH-50RVX, Lossnay LGH-65RVX
  • Filters for recuperators Mitsubishi : filters of various efficiency classes, adapted to different needs and environmental conditions.

By choosing, you choose quality and reliability:

The Mitsubishi filters we sell are carefully manufactured to the specifications of Mitsubishi recuperators to achieve the best possible air quality and recuperator efficiency. By choosing, you are choosing the highest quality filters that meet the ISO 16890 standard and ensure excellent performance.

Buy Mitsubishi Lossnay series filters and other recuperator filters we sell at a great price, guaranteeing the best air quality in your home.

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