SL4R FILTER SET (350X185X50)

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Flexit model

Filter set suitable for FLEXIT SL4R recuperator. The filter set is designed to filter incoming and outgoing air.

The set includes:

  • The efficient kit consists of two filters F7+F7 corresponding to ePM1 70% according to ISO 16890, which are suitable instead of the original Flexit SL4R filters.

Differences between F7 and M5 filters:

  • M5 (ePM10 55% according to ISO 16890) compact filter that traps medium-sized particles (medium protection against 10 μm solid particles).
  • F7 (ePM1 70% according to ISO 16890) compact filter that traps ultra-fine particles (effective protection against 0.3 μm solid particles).

FLEXIT SL4R filter set specification:

  • Filter dimensions - 350X185X50
  • Made in Lithuania
  • Moisture-proof double-layered laminated cardboard frame
  • SafeLock technology
  • Large filtering area
  • Conforms to ISO16980 standard
  • Complies with EN779:2012 standard


  • It is recommended to change recuperator filters at least 2-3 times a year.


  • High-class robotic German and Swiss production lines are used in the production of filters
  • Corrugated material maintains the correct V shape
  • The maximum area of the filter material is used
  • Quality of manufactured filters according to ISO16980 standard
  • Extends the life of the filter and increases its efficiency

SafeLock technology
In the production of filters, we use SafeLock technology, where the filter material is sealed in the frame, so that no gaps remain and unwanted particles do not pass between the filter material and the frame.

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SL4R FILTER SET (350X185X50)